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Time To Establish Crops

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FARMERS in Wales are being given extra time by the Welsh Government to establish Glastir and Tir Gofal cereal crops in recognition of the adverse weather.

“Allowing an additional fortnight in which to sow is a helpful move for those who have been adversely affected not only by the severe weather of recent weeks but also the problems of extremely saturated ground due to the high rainfall over the past 12 months,” said FUW land use and parliamentary committee chairman, Gavin Williams, welcoming the announcement.

“Farmers are now able to request a derogation to establish the cereal crop by the end of May, two weeks later than the previous establishment date of May 15, which will allow them to better manage their pasture before closing off their arable fields,” he added.

“But those seeking additional time to establish their cereal crops this year must contact their local Divisional Office before May 15 to request the derogation.

“Following the crop being sown, the Divisional Office also needs to receive written confirmation of the sowing date, crop type, area and field number.”

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