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Jones Brothers Concrete Supplied Some Of The Wall Panels At Wykeys Farm. (Not The Digester)

Wykey Farm is a mixed farm near Shrewsbury in Shropshire. The digester design features the new Marches Biogas Semi-Plug Flow system. The advantages of this system are increased and optimised feedstock retention times, smaller plant footprint and greater biogas output.

Key Facts

  • Output: 500kWe (increasing to 1MWe)
  • Digester design: Semi-Plug Flow
  • Feedstock: Poultry litter; Maize silage
  • Key Benefits: Income generation from Feed in Tariff. Increased fertiliser and waste management efficiency. Reduces farm greenhouse gas emissions.

Wykey Farm AD plant was designed as a 1MWe facility to be operated intially at 500kWe.  The unique design of the Semi-Plug Flow means that there are no detriments or performance restrictions to operating at below potential output, ensuring efficient gas production at 500kWe.

A second Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit has recently been installed to increase plant output from 500kWe to at least 1MWe.

Wykey Farm AD plant feedstocks include chicken litter, maize silage and fodder beet.

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